The Benefits of a Small Space

In a previous post, I talked about How to Live in a Small Space with Kids. The drawbacks to this might be obvious (noise, privacy, blah blah blah), but there are some surprising benefits. Why live in a small space?

  1. It’s easy to know what the kids are up to – it’s easier to watch kids when they can’t get very far! You have better control over their environment and can keep them safe.
  2. Kids learn more – kids learn not by what you say, but by what you do. From cooking, to working and everything in between, they see you doing more in a small space.
  3. Everyone learns to be considerate – it becomes crucial to learn to be quiet when someone’s on the phone, or the baby’s sleeping (or when mom needs quiet time!)
  4. A healthy, low stress, lifestyle – living small often means less financial stress, so you have the flexibility to do more of what you like and what’s good for you (better sleep, regular exercise, eating better etc.)
  5. Kids learn responsibility – in a small space a little mess is a BIG mess! So you definitely need everyone to pitch in and help tidy up after themselves.
  6. Kids learn to live with less stuff – they understand at a young age what they really like and what they can live without – an important life lesson!
  7. We learn to be cooperative – want to get along with someone quickly, live in a small space! It`s true for families too.


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