Personal Training for Moms

My name is Gaya and I’m an on-site (and online) certified personal trainer for busy moms in Toronto.

I provide simple and effective strength training, nutrition and lifestyle routines that make being a mom easier, healthier and awesome…er!

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I’m not your typical personal trainer. My program is a lifestyle overhaul for moms. You will:

  • Get stronger and more energetic with results-driven strength training
  • Melt fat and improve your relationship with food through a simple and scientifically proven weight loss strategy
  • Reduce the stresses of being a mom and get more done with effective parenting strategies
  • Enhance your overall quality of life through ongoing personal support while learning to make good lifestyle choices

Why work with me?

If you’re a Toronto mom, here are my favourite reasons for us to get to know each other:

  • I’m a mom too
    I have 4 kids, so unlike a 240lb ex-bodybuilder (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), I know what you’re going through and understand the particular challenges moms have.
  • I don’t have skinny genes
    I’m not naturally skinny. See My Journey for proof! I stopped letting genes be my excuse and so can you.
  • I’ve had to work on my eating habits and lifestyle choices
    I’ve had to unlearn patterns that lead to being overweight and not living up to my full potential. I’ll help you identify and fix your bad habits too.
  • I love simplicity
    I only do what’s simple, easy and sustainable. My programs are extremely minimalistic, focusing on what you need for great results and nothing else.
  • I believe in science and evidence
    The fitness world is overflowing with advice and information — most of it bad. I do only what’s backed by real research with proven effectiveness. I’ll help you spot the nonsense, so you can focus on the few things that actually matter.
  • I come to you
    Stop worrying about gym hours, busy treadmill rooms and crowded locker rooms.
  • I work on YOUR schedule
  • I bring everything you need
    I won’t make you buy or keep any equipment or extra stuff you don’t need. I bring just what you need for each session with me.