My Journey

Before Kids (April 2007)


I was a chubby adolescent, who became unhealthy and unfit due to the stresses of adulting.

It took becoming a mom to get me to change. My kids were my biggest why.


Eight months after Baby #2 (March 2011)


I knew they’d look up to me and I wanted to be a good role model. I wanted to have lots of energy for them and most importantly, I wanted to be a happy and active mom.  I knew I had to take better care of myself.

I started with simple swaps and consistent training. And after some time, I grew to love exercise and feeling strong, energetic and confident. 




Pregnant with Baby #3 (June 2013)

I learned how to use exercise to help support 4 healthy pregnancies and regain strength in between pregnancies. And now my mission has become to help other moms do the same, in order to be their strongest, most active selves.

I’ve been there, and so when I say you can do it too, I really believe it!


Me and the kids (August, 2021)



If you want to chat more about what you’re going through, contact me personally. 

I’d love to be any part of your health and wellness journey.