Lessons From My Mother – Part 1: The Weekly Set Meal Plan

My mother is an amazing woman. A typical working mother – and busy with 3 kids, she made the time and effort for a different home-cooked meal every night of the week. And it was consistent every week.

We loved the routine and the anticipation of Wednesday night pizza, where we all had our own little jobs. My sister still proudly proclaims that she was the cheese shredder-er! I still remember she had a thick, cardboard grocery list that she always had in her purse – her “master list” because it was the same every week. She defined and eliminated one of her biggest nightmares as a parent, and what many moms struggle with – deciding what to cook! She didn’t have to think about it, it was all there on her master list. She didn’t have to fight anyone to eat, because it was Thursday and Thursday means chicken and noodle stirfry. She took our suggestions and we were more keen on eating the meal we helped make. Being an amazing cook doesn’t hurt either!

I’ve tried to implement a set weekly meal plan with my own family several times, and have always failed, either because I cook too much and we have to eat the same thing all week, or I’m not consistent and go with what I feel like cooking, or what’s on sale. But I’ve known that like most great things, this is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight, and will take time. And I’m happy to go along this journey of highs and lows in hopes that one day I will attain the ever-elusive set meal schedule!

My goal for this week: pick and plan for 3 meals. I had a focused grocery trip and put the menu on our chalkboard for us all to see (especially me). And was able to follow through with some help from my fabulous hubby. I even included a pizza night for the kids, and for my nostalgia (sorry sis – I got the pre-shredded cheese!)

Does it take time? Yes, initially. Is it worth it? Absolutely – I’ll save time and money long-term. Not to mention all the memories we’ll make as a family in the kitchen and around the table for many years to come.

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