“I worked with Gaya during my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum period. She is always thorough and professional and exactly what I needed. She tailored my workouts to my goals and modified accordingly. She pushes me to be stronger and helped me achieve the fitness level I was striving for. What I really love is the variation during workouts-she mixes it up, she will incorporate yoga or boxing into our workouts depending on what I’m looking for! I love working with her and look forward to my sessions with her! I’m so grateful to have found a trainer that is so knowledgeable about fitness and pregnancy and that pushes me to be the best me. Thank you!”


“I started working with Gaya after I found it hard to integrate work outs into a busy work schedule. She worked with me to develop high impact work outs I could do when short on time. She even focussed out work outs to help me prep for some travel trekking I did. We carved out time for our sessions and she kept me accountable and motivated throughout. Gaya was a friendly, supportive force throughout my fitness journey!

– Cinntha

“Gaya has been instrumental in my rebuilding. I trained with her for several years and it was an incredibly supportive personal coaching experience. She is a natural at holding space, intuitive at knowing when to challenge you and provide positive reinforcement and encouragement, encouraging forming a habit. Gaya is a role model herself as a mother of four kids challenging herself to be strong in very sense of the word and teaching her family to be active. She provides excellent pre and post natal fitness coaching, stress reduction tips, simple logistical tips for getting a workout in and healthy meals in. Her commitment to the South Asian community, women and mothers is a gift to the community. Incredible and inspiring!”

– Reshmi

“Working with you gives me happiness and joy. You have a positive attitude towards everything when working out. With you around I can feel the positive energy circulating. I gained and learned to make a connection with my body and mind.  We’ve done so many workouts – I’ve learned do it in on my own, wherever I am, with whatever time I have. I also gained strength and feel strong and confident. At the YMCA last week, I climbed 88 steps up and down 35-40 times! Without working with you the last 5 years I couldn’t have done it!  Thank you for everything.”

– Balu