Being a new mom in the middle of a pandemic can be so isolating. Gaya’s Mommy and Me series was my saviour and played such a crucial role in my postpartum recovery. I loved having something that held me accountable and kept me moving regularly throughout the week. And I loved that we didn’t have to leave the house! I really enjoyed the variety of exercise and my daughter and I loved all of the baby exercises/stretches and songs. It was really amazing meeting other moms and babies and watching how excited the babies would get when we sang the baby songs! Thank you Gaya!


I am currently in my 6th month of pregnancy and have working with Gaya throughout. She has been amazing! There is so much conflicting and/or vague advice out there about what exercises to do/not to do throughout each trimester. Gaya knows what to do and how to modify exercises during pregnancy, so it has given me peace of mind that I am doing things that are safe for me and baby while still getting a great workout! I would highly recommend working with Gaya 🙂


Gaya is an amazing, down-to-earth mentor and guide when it comes to pre and post natal fitness. She really takes the time to understand your situation and give you tailored options and ideas to help you safely stay fit and healthy. I thoroughly enjoyed taking her Mommy & Me classes; they made me feel stronger and healthier than I had in a long time.


“I started working with Gaya after I found it hard to integrate work outs into a busy work schedule. She worked with me to develop high impact work outs I could do when short on time. She even focussed out work outs to help me prep for some travel trekking I did. We carved out time for our sessions and she kept me accountable and motivated throughout. Gaya was a friendly, supportive force throughout my fitness journey!

– Cinntha

“I worked with Gaya during my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum period. She is always thorough and professional and exactly what I needed. She tailored my workouts to my goals and modified accordingly. She pushes me to be stronger and helped me achieve the fitness level I was striving for. What I really love is the variation during workouts-she mixes it up, she will incorporate yoga or boxing into our workouts depending on what I’m looking for! I love working with her and look forward to my sessions with her! I’m so grateful to have found a trainer that is so knowledgeable about fitness and pregnancy and that pushes me to be the best me. Thank you!”


“Gaya has been instrumental in my rebuilding. I trained with her for several years and it was an incredibly supportive personal coaching experience. She is a natural at holding space, intuitive at knowing when to challenge you and provide positive reinforcement and encouragement, encouraging forming a habit. Gaya is a role model herself as a mother of four kids challenging herself to be strong in very sense of the word and teaching her family to be active. She provides excellent pre and post natal fitness coaching, stress reduction tips, simple logistical tips for getting a workout in and healthy meals in. Her commitment to the South Asian community, women and mothers is a gift to the community. Incredible and inspiring!”

– Reshmi

“Working with you gives me happiness and joy. You have a positive attitude towards everything when working out. With you around I can feel the positive energy circulating. I gained and learned to make a connection with my body and mind.  We’ve done so many workouts – I’ve learned do it in on my own, wherever I am, with whatever time I have. I also gained strength and feel strong and confident. At the YMCA last week, I climbed 88 steps up and down 35-40 times! Without working with you the last 5 years I couldn’t have done it!  Thank you for everything.”


Gaya has been helping me improve my quality of life for over a decade. I first met her in my fifties, when I was looking for a trainer to work on body strength and mobility. Gaya is truly a “personal” trainer. Over the years she has tailored programs specific to my needs, encompassing overall mind and body well being, and a healthy lifestyle. She does so with encouragement, knowing what you are capable of achieving, warmth, and a delightful sense of humour. That being said, have no doubt, she will push you hard! I am now well into my sixties and feel better than I did when I first met her. Thanks Gaya, you’re awesome!

– Hilary

I had such a wonderful experience with Gaya from MomZone Fitness. Firstly the classes were very organized and thought was put into the excersises that were taught. It was tailored to your own needs (so beginners knew what to do and more advanced individuals could do an alteration that fit them). It was a great community with no judgement which I found sweet! Just encouragement! I also oved that there was some bonding time with the little ones! The recordings after the class were very helpful as with a baby it’s hard to attend at the designated time. I would highly recommend the class to moms!

– Prashande

I love Gaya’s training and guidance! During the pandemic, I needed consistency and routine for workouts and her weekly classes gave me structure. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed exercising at home until I started doing it with Gaya. I injured my ankle and knee a few months ago and she modified exercises during our classes which really motivated me during a discouraging time. She also provided me with a focused training guide to help attain my goals and continuously checks in weekly. She’s an excellent trainer and focuses on everyone’s individual needs. I highly recommend her!

– Myuri

Gaya is calm, considerate and patient and is overall an amazing person. I started with her for yoga and I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now. She is very enthusiastic and is extremely helpful with my stress, and constantly encourages me to be more physically active. Even during the pandemic, we had meetings on Zoom which were just as effective as in person. We would have two meetings for exercise like fusion yoga and workouts varying in intensity. She would also do one-on-one weekly check-ups to see my progress and gave recommendations for my nutrition and diet which allowed me to lose weight and feel better about myself. In my life, Gaya was one of the few people that would help me unconditionally and she helps everyone the same way that she does with me. I will always be grateful for what she’s done for me , how much I learned from her, as well as how much she’s cared for me.

– Thirumahal

I am grateful for participating in Gaya’s yoga class during the pandemic. Not only did it prioritize my fitness, but I also had an opportunity to be a part of a wonderful community and create close connections among those who attended. Gaya does a wonderful job maintaining a level of professionalism while instructing her class, but makes an effort to check in on individuals to see how they’re doing on a personal level. One of the best parts about her class is the environment she has created where it is a judgment free zone to be your authentic self. Lastly, Gaya’s classes are great for everyone because she is able to articulate different ways to complete the exercises depending on your comfort and skill level.

– Kamadchi

I am a woman just under 70 years old. I needed to strengthen my body to prevent falls, keep mobile and be independent. I did walk on and off but did not do much else. When the opportunity came to join Gaya’s yoga/workout session, I joined with a mind resolved to try and be consistent. The social aspect of working out with others was also a motivating factor. What I discovered was that the most motivating factor was Gaya herself and her teaching style. She is not judgemental, happy that I have decided to take care of my health and meets me at my level of strength. She always has an alternative activity for all levels of strength. To this day, I cannot do a regular push-up on the floor because I don’t have enough upper body/arm strength but I have the choice to do a wall push-up, still exercising the same set of muscles. I had joined a hiking group of men and I used to stop for a drink of water at every uphill turn as I tried to keep up with the rest of the group. After almost a whole year of working with Gaya I am able to keep up with the hike without needing to stop for a drink. I can get up from a low sofa and also stand up from a seated position on the floor without having to hold on to something. I cannot thank Gaya enough for the gentle encouragement, appropriate exercises and her calm coaching manner.
– Nalayini

Gaya is an exceptional, kind and supportive teacher that puts her heart into everything that she does! Her classes are always well organized, thoughtful and very helpful. She is super attentive to individual needs. I am grateful for all her guidance. Gaya always inspires me to do better and stay strong and healthy 🙂