“I worked with Gaya during my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum period. She is always thorough and professional and exactly what I needed. She tailored my workouts to my goals and modified accordingly. She pushes me to be stronger and helped me achieve the fitness level I was striving for. What I really love is the variation during workouts-she mixes it up, she will incorporate yoga or boxing into our workouts depending on what I’m looking for! I love working with her and look forward to my sessions with her! I’m so grateful to have found a trainer that is so knowledgeable about fitness and pregnancy and that pushes me to be the best me. Thank you!”



“I started working with Gaya after I found it hard to integrate work outs into a busy work schedule. She worked with me to develop high impact work outs I could do when short on time. She even focussed out work outs to help me prep for some travel trekking I did. We carved out time for our sessions and she kept me accountable and motivated throughout. Gaya was a friendly, supportive force throughout my fitness journey!”

– Cinntha