Mommy & Me Virtual Series

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Program Info


What equipment will I need?

We’ll use some of the following:

  • a yoga mat (or carpet/rug)
  • a clear wall to lean against approximately 4ft wide by 7ft high
  • a baby carrier
  • a small, squishy ball or cushion (rolled up socks work too)
  • a resistance band
  • your baby or weights (a bag of rice or flour will work)
  • a sturdy chair

What if I don’t have/use a carrier?

No problem, there are various ways to hold your baby as we workout.  I will give you the proper cues if you aren’t using a carrier. (You will get a good arm workout too!) Another option is to have your baby safely on a mat as you do these exercises.

Can I attend the session if my baby is asleep?

Of course!  Please don’t feel that you need to wake up your baby, or time their naps with the workouts. Exercises that have the baby in a carrier can be done with just your body weight, or you can simulate the baby’s weight with a similar weight object (ie. a bag of flour or light weights). There will be a portion of the class where we will do baby massage/yoga where you can do the exercises on yourself or just learn them to try later when your baby is awake.

What is each class like?

Every class has the following structure:

  • Core work: deep transverse abdominis, glute activation and strengthening, as well as pelvic floor activation and relaxation.
  • Strength & Cardio: exercises for the full body, but specifically strengthening the legs, arms and back. All of the exercises are Diastasis recti safe.
  • Cool down: stretches targeting areas that are tight after pregnancy – like the neck, chest, glutes and hamstrings.
  • Baby exercises: gentle mobility, stretches and songs for your baby

How do I know if I have Diastasis Recti?

Your doctor may have checked you for Diastasis Recti in your follow-up appointments.  I will also show you how to do this check for yourself in our first session.  This will serve as a way to assess your progress during the program.

Can I use my belly band/core support during the exercises?

If you have one, you may use it. But unless your doctor has advised you to use one, they are not required for the exercises.  You may find them helpful in the beginning months post-pregnancy, especially as you get back into exercising. The intention is that we activate and strengthen the core muscles so you don’t need these supports.

What if my baby is crying or needs to be fed/changed during the session?

As participants are muted during the session, you and baby won’t be disturbing the class in any way.  It’s completely fine to change diapers/breastfeed during sessions, join in late or miss some sessions.  

Will there be recordings of the classes available in case I can’t make it?

Yes there will be recordings sent to you!  So don’t worry if you need to skip a session, join in late, or your baby is fussing. For privacy, recordings will only show myself demonstrating the exercises and not the attendees.

Should I wear shoes while we workout?

Shoes are optional as all the exercises are low-impact.  But say your baby is asleep and you decide to use weights or soup cans for resistance, then shoes are recommended to protect your feet. 

I’m a beginner to exercise and feeling nervous, will I be ok?

This program is perfect for beginners or those returning back to exercise for the first time post-pregnancy, as we begin gradually and ramp up week-by-week. I recommend that you keep up with the sessions (either in person or with the recordings) as they do increase in intensity.

Is it ok if my toddler/child attends as well?

Of course! I’m a mom of 4, so completely understand. All your kids are welcome to join our classes.


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